Our brand new website

Our aim with the redesign is simple: We want to give our prospective clients an opportunity to get to know us better; who we are as a company and the leaders driving our awesome teams.

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We are delighted to share our newly redesigned web presence with you.

Bursting with a vivid, bold new look and complementing user experience, our web presence now also features bright new colours showcasing a switch from the colour blue to our uniquely dubbed purple and an uncluttered design; it also includes our new animated Dot Slash brandmark and our most wondrous feature yet - in depth case studies.

We shifted to a client-centric experience. The different layers that respond differently to the scrolling behaviour of our site creates a sense of depth that makes the site more realistic and visually stimulating to prospective clients.

We go all out to create lasting impressions by building honest relationships

Our new brand mark was updated to reflect our encapsulating approach of digital synergy.

As can be expected, our new online home is just as comfortable when being viewed on a phone.

Re-thinking Process

In the process of re-thinking our company brand, we found that the colour purple evokes a sense of trust, loyalty, security and strength - qualities we hope that our clients will use when describing Dot Slash.

Case Studies

Our new case studies are the ideal environment for us to share our stories in an engaging and interactive way. When we need to teach something that is important to us, we use stories. We also believe in celebrating success and our case studies do just that. They boast real, complicated, and contextually rich situations.

As our case studies indicate, we help clients find new ways to succeed. And we can do just that for you. Collaborating with, attending to and delivering value.

Our imagery is now also a bit more controlled, with a bit of a Wes Anderson vibe to them.

Our Struggles

We want to highlight some of the harder parts about doing this re-launch. Probably the hardest was trying to keep consistently developing and releasing new and current projects for our clients while simultaneously working on our own website – and all while we were packing up shop.

The Reason Behind

We want to give our prospect clients an opportunity to get to know us better; who we are as a company and the leaders driving the awesome teams at Dot Slash.

Client-relationships are our first priority and we plan for it to stay this way.