We'll qualify your leads for you. Telling you who to contact when, even give you insights.

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Game changer lead qualification

Having leads convert is hard enough, being flooded by leads that are not sorted by value or priority can see too many opportunities missed.
Cold hard facts enjoy the limelight any day, but we always try to go a bit further than that and try and easy the adoption as well.


Assegai might only work in the background or it might be on the forefront of your workflow. We however strive to give you as much insight as possible throughout the whole process.

Cold Lead capable

It's one of life's hard problems, qualifying someone you know nothing about. We make sure that even black box buyers get the insights you need to make and educated decision.

Buyer insights

We cannot replace sales agents, our goal is to empower them. Understanding the buyer is a vital part of this and we go to great lengths to provide insight.

Lead prioritisation

Following up on leads is a time sensitive not simply a list of todos. Striking when the lead is hot is critical and we want you to time it perfectly.

Realtime feedback

We plug right into your existing workflow in realtime. There's simply no other option in this fast paced environment.

The system self improves

Once system is set up correctly, our AI driven processes takes it further, learning the whole time, every action and non-action another experience to learn from.

Different integration options

Our solution has various different touch points depending on your needs and infrastructure.

Get ahead of the game

Let us know if you are interested and we'll take it from there!

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