Case studies

Some of the projects we enjoyed

Auto Mart

Leading vehicle Marketplace

Having been there at the start of this remarkable product, we've been there the whole journey. It served as an example to others that followed and we helped take the clients from print to digital. It's the epitome of how we want to help companies.

Audi A4 2016

25 600km R309 000

Well taken care of, very low mileage.
Electric boot, roof carriage, cruise control and leather seats

506 Long Street, Pretoria, Gauteng

VW Polo Vivo 2017

25 600km R420 000

Well taken care of, very low mileage.
Electric boot, roof carriage, cruise control and leather seats

506 Long Street, Pretoria, Gauteng

Spectral Digital Vinyl Turn-Table 24D

High quality player in great condition.
Built-in speakers, 3.5" aux input. Cables included.

R4 500

Junk Mail

General purpose marketplace

After our successes with Auto Mart, we also joined hands to contribute on Junk Mail. The Classifieds industry is remarkably cutthroat, and we responded with some innovation we are particularly proud of. AI driven ad placement, market leading moderation and spam detection. With our relationship with the Junk Mail team strong, we stand by them all the way.


Private teaching hospital

For a digital agency a hospital might seem like an easy project, but WDGMC is a bit different, being one of the first private teaching hospitals in South Africa, their role in our local landscape is irreplaceable. One of our first roles was to ensure their doctors get the exposure they need, and we hit it out of the park.

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Dr John Bradshaw

Medical Gastroenterology

LogBox LogBox
LogBox LogBox LogBox LogBox


Paperless medical revolution

Every now and then we get in touch with a client with the same drive for innovation with tech as ourselves, but it's rare being behind a client so ambitious as LogBox. Taking on perhaps one of the most well protected industries to change it into digital, we hope to see LogBox being referenced as the event that set off a revolution in the medical industry.

MTN Business App of the Year Finalist 2016 - 2017

Bidvest McCarthy

Vehicle sales and service

It's been a privilege thus far working with this giant. The joint advancements made in data driven decision making has surpassed our expectations and proved the rule wrong that big companies cannot adapt quick enough. Marketing efforts have become as precise as one can expect from modern day tech and process insights have been taken to a whole new level. A truly inspirational experience this has been.


Safety inspections

South African roads are dangerous. Everyone knows this, very few do something about it. DEKRA is at the forefront of ensuring vehicles play their part in road safety. We are humbled by the lengths DEKRA goes through to ensure quality and integrity is maintained. #proudToBepartofit