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20 years of imagination

We were drawn to Mirage's passion and their desire to achieve excellence - and for this exact reason, our partnership began.

The discussion that started everything

Dick van Straaten came to see us in 2009 and he wanted to elevate the way their projects are being showcased.

He explained with quite a bit of humility the scale and volume of work they have done. At first it seemed notable, but it wasn't until we saw the photos that we realised the sheer scale of their success and focus on the grandeur.

An outdated brand

Mirage's old website marked the beginning of what would become a digital master piece. It was largely comprised of text and little consideration where given to visuals, such as typography, imagery, and navigation.

It was time to update

A Digital Showroom

We wanted to create a “digital” showroom experience for users who can't experience Mirage’s breath-taking projects in person.

So we crafted a digital showroom that takes a users on an extra special journey through the heart of Mirage's projects - from Southern Africa to the Middle East, North West Africa to the Indian Ocean Islands.

And we did just that