Referral Programme

We appreciate people who put in a good word for us.



For any referral which gives a client, we offer a 2% kickback on first initial quote.

This is a quick and easy approach and we really appreciate you thinking of us.



Some projects require a bit more grooming and lobbying to get accepted with quite a few more decision makers being part of the rodeo.

At 5% we take it up a notch and appreciation is valued quite a bit more.


Proper influence

Some projects are complex and tricky to get the go ahead. Politics are at play so many role players have agendas of their own.

We don't hold back on the compensation in these scenarios and the 7% compensation will be worth your while.

For any referral that converts into a client, we are willing to show our gratitude by means of compensation. We have 3 different brackets. All forms of compensation are percentage of initial quote accepted.