Well hello there

Allow us to tell you a little bit about ourselves.

Giving the world the future today

Back in the day people explored the globe and there was this promise of conquering the unknown, new continents, new people, new worlds. The world being mostly discovered today, we set our sights on the next frontier, technological advances.

Where it all started

The year was 2004 and a naive group of industrious university graduates decided the local internet landscape needed help. There is always a bit of naivety present when starting off on a journey - and being students at the time, this couldn't have been more true.

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Raldo Loots

Managing Director
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Werner Swiegers

Creative Director
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Attie Gelderblom

Technical Director

From success to success

We've been privileged with great people joining our ranks. Having started small, our goal was never to add bulk, but carefully choose individuals that share our vision (and makes recruiting a nightmare).

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Today we are a culture

There's this sense of profoundness in admitting that our passionate efforts in the industry have matured into what it is today. We have achieved so much for our partners.

We're always looking for visionaries

Do you feel you are sharing in our vision? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of the team.

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