A Passion for Digital Transformation

A team of designers, developers, engineers, teachers, researchers, and more.

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In our DNA.

The Digital Transformation Company.

We embraced a cultural change that requires us as a digital organisation to challenge the status quo and experiment with everything continually.

Dotslash guides organisations to understand and embrace disruptive technologies they face, helping them create new opportunities for relevance, growth and expansion.

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Our Structure.

Division Breakdown.

Dotslash Interaction

Product Design

  • 01UX Research
  • 02Product Design
  • 03User Interface Design
  • 04SEO + CRO + UX
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Dotslash Solutions

Technology Consulting

  • 01Software Development
  • 02Web Development
  • 03Mobile Development
  • 04New Technologies
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Dotslash Cloud

Cloud Computing

  • 01Enterprise Architecture
  • 02Performance Improvement
  • 03Cloud Consulting
  • 04Microsoft Cloud Services
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Experiment, always!
Experiment, always!

What we do.

Digital Transformation.

Dotslash utilises Digital Transformation to impact Customer Experiences, Operational Processes & Business Models in your company.


Customer Experience

We transform your customer experiences in tangible ways - increasing customer attraction, satisfaction and retention.

  • 01Gain greater, quicker insights
  • 02Deliver high-quality support
  • 03Launch new offerings
  • 04Target marketing efforts

Operational Processes

We enable simplification of your operations, saving costs and focusing on innovation rather than repetition.

  • 01Streamline your processes
  • 02Enable your workers
  • 03Manage your performance
  • 04Increase your compliance

Business Models

Our ultimate force multiplier is in our potential to transform your business models to achieve higher revenues and ROI.

  • 01Globalise your operations
  • 02Collaborate in your ecosystem
  • 03Create new businesses
  • 04Offer new business models

Our Values.

Our business is change.

  • 01We serve people first, solutions second
  • 02We are, above all things, kind & compassionate.
  • 03We explore new ideas
  • 04We do what we can with what we have
  • 05We tirelessly strive for perfection, accepting that we will never arrive
  • 06We are not a family, we are a great team - and that’s plenty
  • 07We think slowly... then move fast
  • 08We are a refuge from digital chaos
  • 09We design interesting experiences that go beyond the product
  • 10We experiment, always!
Outside the box thinking